Tuesday, September 14, 2010

15 Niche Market Ideas for Making Money Online

People often tell me that they have trouble figuring out which niche markets to explore. Here is a list of 25 niche markets to get you started. Remember that it's typically easier to break a niche market into segments and target one of the segments. For example, instead of targeting yuour advertising campaing towards "acne", instead shoot for "teenage acne" or "back acne". Here are 25 of the top niches I'd explore if I was just getting started. These are in no particular order:

1. Acne medication - People with acne typically want to get rid of it so the conversion rate (rate of sales per visitor to your site) can be high. If they are searching for it on the Internet they are probably desperate to get rid of it. There are a lot of sub-niches to explore in this segment. There will aso be a lot of competition.

2. Weight loss - Another segment with a high conversion rate. People that are overweight and are searching for weight loss techniques can and will pay for methods they think will help them lose weight. There are a ton of sub-niches in this niche.

3. Web Design/Promotion - What better place to advertise web design service and web site promotion than on the web?

4. Travel - People love to go on vacation and typically research their vacation destinations online. Sub-niches include destinations people may be researching (Hawaii, Florida Keys, Mexico, etc.) or types of vacation (river rafting, fishing, beach, etc.).

5. Adult - Not for everyone but it is a multibillion dollar industry. There is likely more money made in this market than most of the other markets combined. This market is completely saturated but there are a ton of niches to explore if you so desire.

6. Students - Students are often looking for loans, cheap textbooks and inexpensive housing. You can also target individual colleges and campus areas.

7. Gambling - Another vice. Gamblers are compulsive and are looking for ways to beat the system.

8. Music - Sub-niches include everything from finding hard to get tickets to concerts to individual genres like classical or country rock.

9. Phone service - Everyone these days has a cell phone and a lot of people are looking for cheap service. People are also looking for review on the newest and hottest phones on the market. Offer these review with affiliate links to site where the phones can be purchased.

10. Real Estate - Can include everything from finding foreclosures and short sales to helping people source loans.

11. Pet friendly places - People love their pets and are unwilling to leave them behind when moving or going on vacation.

12. Sex-related items - Sex sells. There is a huge market for pills and creams that claim they enhance sexual performance or increase size.

13. Advertising/Marketing - Offer people a tool or service that they can't live without. You don't have to be a programmer to take advantage of this market..Once you decide what you want to offer, you can pay someone to design the website or write the script for you. From there, it's simply a matter of getting it in front of the right market.

 14. Gamers - Gamers are typically tech-savvy and everyone is an expert-or thinks they are experts- in their game or genre of choice. Gamers typically turn to review sites to help them make purchase decisions on games and peripherals.

15. Health and Medical - Everyone wants to stay healthy. Low-cost health care and home remedies are popular niches with a lot of sub-niches to explore.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the literally hundreds of thousands of markets that can be explored. I just wanted to provide a few examples to get you started on your way to profitability. For further information, check out Methodical Life.

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