Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crash Landing: 5 Tips For Creating a Better Landing Page

Traffic is sent to a landing page for one attempt to elicit a response from a customer. This response can be anything from getting customers to make a purchase to building a mailing list of customers interested in a particular niche market. If your landing page isn't eliciting the response you are shooting for and helping create wealth online, you may want to take these 5 helpful tips into consideration:

1. Keep it simple - A confusing landing page will confuse potential customers and cause them to become frustrated and leave. Keep the paragraphs short and the message concise. Showing off your vocabulary may not be the best option.

2. One-up the competition - Don't be afraid to check out competitor sites and see what they are doing well. Pay close attention to what seems to work and what doesn't. Try to be impartial and pay close attention to what your 1st impression is. Retool your site to take advantage of the good and make sure you aren't copying any of bad.

3. Speed is critical - Your site needs to load fast, even on a 56K connection. If you have a splash page full of high-res pictures and video, you may be eliminating a good portion of potential customers befoe they even get a chance to see what you're offering.

4. Tell your visitor what to do - Let them know what they need to do and why they should do it. Deliver a clear message and make them believe that they need what you are offering.

5. Speak directly to your customer - Directly engaging a visitor helps them feel that you are speaking directly to them. Speak in 2nd person to further engage a prospective customer.

I know I said 5 tips in the title but I'm feeling generous today so here's a bonus tip that may drive more people away from your landing page than the other 5 tips combined. Don't ask for nore information than you need. If you are trying to build a list or make a sell, don't ask for more information than you need. People are wary of giving out their personal information online and a sure way to drive them off is asking for information not critical to the process.

Hope these tips help you on your way to creating wealth online...

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